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About Us

Leaders in the field of flood technology

Launched in 2023, Flood Technology Group is a leader in the field of flood adaptive technology and a benchmark for quality.

An association of companies, it brings together a range of innovative products, services and solutions with a proven ability to adapt to flood water as it rises.

By working together, we’re using our collective knowledge and experience in the rapidly evolving flood technology field to develop and champion flood adaptive technology that will future-proof homes and infrastructure against the increased flood risk posed by our changing climate.

Flood Technology Group is uniquely positioned to help protect communities in flood risk areas by offering a complete flood adaptive technology solution to local authorities, developers and home owners.
Andrew Parker, founder of the Flood Technology Group, explains what first prompted him to start developing flood adaptive technology.

Where it all began...

Flood Technology Group was founded by Andrew Parker, who designed the groundbreaking Hadley FloodSAFE House and the mechanical jack system on which it sits.

Andrew, whose background is in domestic construction, has spent the last decade honing and testing his products, working with experts at the University of Hull’s Flood Innovation Centre, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Liverpool and the HR Wallingford hydraulics research laboratory near Oxford.
Flood Technology Group is proud to be working with Phoenix Sustainable Investments, an award-winning developer of sustainable energy and innovation projects. Together, they have an unparalleled wealth of knowledge, capability and expertise in the field of flood technology.

Our Team

Andrew Parker

Founder of the Flood Technology Group and inventor of the Flood Adaptive Platform.

Roger Clayton

A Director at Hodgson & Clayton Ltd, and the developer of the critical control panel system for the Flood Adaptive Platform.

Simon Gilliland

Chief Executive Officer

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