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Flood Technology Group to fund ground-breaking research at University of Liverpool

Flood Technology Group is funding a PhD project opportunity with the University of Liverpool to help further develop its research into its ground-breaking Flood Adaptive Platform technology for new sectors and geographies.

This new research project will build upon the cutting edge work already carried out by Flood Technology Group, in partnership with the University of Liverpool, to develop its innovative Flood Adaptive Platform, a mechanical jack system capable of detecting and reacting to flood conditions by automatically elevating above rising floodwater. It will explore how this type of technology could be applied in a host of different ways to protect property and infrastructure across a range of different sectors, as well as testing its ability to cope with a variety of global environmental hazards, ranging from flooding to hurricanes and earthquakes.

Simon Gilliland, Chief Executive of Flood Technology Group, explained: “We’re very excited about this new research project, which will involve further in-depth analysis of our technology and test its efficacy against multiple natural hazards, including flood, wind, earthquakes and landslides.

“Our technology has already been successfully applied to modular buildings and mobile homes, highlighting its ability to protect people and their property from the threat of flooding, but its potential is truly limitless. It can be used to protect a vast range of infrastructure across many different sectors, from utilities and energy to commercial and transportation. So far, we’ve only scratched the surface of the potential applications for our technology and this research project will enable us to discover its full potential.”

Simon added: “Climate change has increased the likelihood of flooding in different regions of the UK and around the world. As a result, societies are having to adapt by quickly adopting sustainable property flood resilience measures. We’re proud to be at the forefront of developing cost-effective flood adaptive technology solutions to protect both new and existing structures and infrastructure from the increased flood risk that we face, and this new research project with the University of Liverpool is integral to our future plans.”

An association of companies, Flood Technology Group brings together a range of innovative products, services and solutions with a proven ability to adapt to flood water as it rises. It was founded by Andrew Parker, who designed the Flood Adaptive Platform, which was twelve years in the making. Rigorous testing in flood environments, in conjunction with the University of Liverpool and HR Wallingford, confirmed that it’s both safe and highly effective. 

For more information about the research project or to apply for the post, please click here.

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