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Our flood adaptive technology has already been successfully applied to both mobile homes and modular buildings but can be used to protect a vast range of infrastructure across many different sectors, from utilities and energy to commercial and transportation.

Thanks to its unique and proven ability to protect people, property and infrastructure from the threat of flooding, its potential is limitless. We’re currently working on a broad range of projects for customers working across many different sectors.

If you have a project in mind and would like to understand how our flood adaptive technology could help you, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mobile homes and holiday lodges

By applying our innovative technology to mobile homes and holiday lodges, we can support the safe development of prime plots of land adjacent to bodies of water and in areas of flood risk, thanks to its proven ability to keep people and property safe throughout a flood event. This is particularly important in flood-prone and coastal areas, where the impact on tourism hits business owners hard.

There are approximately 365,000 caravan holiday homes and an additional 100,000 residential park homes in the UK, with around 73,000 holiday caravans and 10,000 park homes at moderate or significant risk of flooding. In the region of 20,000 caravan pitches in the UK are not even being used due to flood risk, according to data from the National Caravan Council. 

We’re delighted to be working with tourism businesses in several different areas of the country to help them future-proof their operations against the growing flood risk that we face.

Both new build and retrofit tested versions of our Flood Adaptive Platform are available to suit all mobile home types, including single, twin and bespoke units. 

If you would like to find out how our flood adaptive technology could protect your mobile home, or add value to your site, get in touch with us to discuss it further.

Click here to read a case study about our work to develop the UK’s first fully flood adaptive holiday lodge. 

Modular buildings

Our technology has also been applied to modular buildings, such as the Hadley FloodSAFE House, which we developed in partnership with Hadley Group. 

A low carbon, steel-framed house, which is manufactured off-site, it looks just like a normal house but, because it sits on our Flood Adaptive Platform, it has the ability to keep the contents safe and dry.

Modular build techniques are routinely used in affordable and social housing developments, which makes our technology a hugely attractive prospect for local authorities and housing developers across the UK and beyond. 

As well as keeping people and their property safe, our unique products have the potential to reduce the pressure on the emergency services during flood events and drastically reduce the clean-up costs associated with flooding. What’s more, they also offer local authorities and developers huge potential for development in areas of high flood risk, which would previously have been considered off-limits. 

We believe that our flood adaptive technology can play an important role in attracting inward investment to areas where greater flood resilience is needed, as well as helping to negate the need for costly, carbon heavy flood mitigation work. 

If you have a building project in mind and would like to understand how our flood adaptive technology could help you, contact us to discuss your requirements.


Having already successfully fitted the Flood Adaptive Platform to mobile homes and holiday lodges, we are currently exploring how this technology can be cost-effectively retrofitted to existing buildings and infrastructure to enable them to rise above current and future flood levels.
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